Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Girl Power

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I was able to spend time with three amazing girls. Well, from hanging out with them, I realized how much we girls care about how we look and act. Starting in middle/high school, we damage our hair by styling it, put so many products on our face, and change out of our clothes so many a million times before leaving. Unfortunately, for so many girls, we care about our appearance for all the wrong reasons...

Today's post is on embracing self-confidence in our actions, our opinions, and our looks.

As you may have seen from yesterday's post, I have been in a bit of a music mood lately. Below in the playlist are just a few songs that I feel are perfect in stating girl power. Whenever you feel like this, take a listen to these!

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Looking for even more self-confidence? Honestly, the way you dress can play a huge part in showing people how confident you are in yourself. 

  1. Short skirts and shorts
  2. Short and tight shirts 
These articles of clothing show our peers how we view ourselves...not too positive, right?
    Instead go with:
    Look for pieces that you can be comfortable in, yet still look flattering. Also, look for longer length skirts and dresses along with cardigans to cover bare shoulders. The looks may shout classy, but they also scream confident. 

    Remember: In order to appear confident, the first thing we need to do is feel confident in ourselves. It's definitely not always easy but it's absolutely possible.


    ShortBlonde said...

    Great post! I agree- lots of bare skin and bared cleavage scream insecurity, whereas flattering but classy clothing suggest a girl is confident in her own skin (without having to bare it all!) My college campus is all about the empowerment of women: I'm always surrounded by positive messages. I wish that all girls could be surrounded with such great role models and positivity.

    Caitlin C. said...

    I LOVE this post! I wish I had had this advice when I was in middle school.. I was so unsure of myself and so self-conscious of my appearance. Girls need to understand that they are beautiful how God made them, and that they can honor themselves by dressing classy but still look cute. I love the looks you put together! :)

    Sundresses and Smiles said...

    Great post! Confidence is such a big issue and a lack of it can have so many damaging effects! I also wish girls realized that tight clothes aren't flattering--I think people are hesitant to buy a size up because they want to wear ___ size, but usually if you go up and buy clothes that fit properly, you actually look smaller! I love all the looks you put together, especially the jeans, cami, sweater combo, and the blue and teal dress!

    Kimberly O. said...

    I love your message. Confidence is essential. Plus I'm loving the outfits you put together. Every girl can feel pretty and classy in those.