Saturday, May 21, 2011

Headband Love

Good Morning :)

My grandparents came yesterday afternoon and brought the most delicious casserole. I need to steal the recipe from my grandma and post it on here, it was amazing. More importantly though, it was so nice to see them! We sat and chatted before my friend came over to pick me up to go see a movie. I'll talk about my friend and I's time together later on, but today I promised you a preppy post.

Well here goes it. I love headbands. I'm a prep through-and-through when it comes to hair accessories. I love how absolutely versatile they are, how they can "classform" any outfit, and how there are just so many different styles to choose from. For this blog post, I really want to share with you a few of my favorite headbands from my collection, and a few that I've been eying.

There are well over twenty headbands that I keep stored in this wire basket. It's the perfect size for keeping them contained, yet unfortunately my collection is growing much too fast. Target will most likely be receiving a visit from me shortly concerning a new storage container!!!

Now here are my favorites:

This is a really pretty brown silk headband that I received from Christmas. It's huge.

My boyfriend gave me this headband for Christmas (from Nordstrom). I fell in love with it at the store and the boyfriend, amazing as he is, remembered my description of it and went back to the store to get it for me as a present. It is definitely one of my favorites because of how nicely it's made. Additionally, I love the colors!!!!!

This is my favorite headband of all time. It was super cheap from.....H&M last year. If I could, I would wear it with every outfit. It just works perfectly with everything.

I love these headbands because of their spring colors. They were super super cheap so I didn't feel bad about spending money on three in the same pattern.

Now here are a few that I've been lusting over lately:

Kiel James Patrick
These headbands are by far my favorite. I just wish I didn't have to order them via the internet.

Fitting name: Audrey Hepburn
Snarkell Brently Whimsikeck

Southern Proper
Aren't the elephants adorable? Definitely a must for elections.
Elephant Belle Band

Smathers and Branson
Why do I love this color combo so much? Oh and yes, this headband deserves extra love for being a needlepoint headband.
Orange and Blue Repp Stripe

I think through writing this post, my favorite thing about headbands is the varying price-range. I own headbands that range in price, yet some of my favorite headbands were bought at great, super low prices. If you love headbands as much as I do, then keep your eyes open for those inexpensive gems!

What does your favorite headband at home look like?


Mrs. Kindergarten said...

My fave. is one I got for my daughter years ago. She ditched it and I gobbled it up for certain. It is covered in pink and green grosgrain ribbon with stipes and a D ring closure! That puppy rocks with tons of Lilly!

Mrs. Kindergarten

kelseaf said...

I have the one from H&M too! Love all the headbands and check out Eliza B. for some preppy summer headbands!

Girl with the Curlz said...

I LOVE headbands too but have too many that I like to pick my fav :)

High Heeled Life said...

What a fabulous darling collection you have!!! My go to headband is a basic tan coloured suede one... but does KJP one's are tempting me... happy week-end..HHL

Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

I love headbands too! There are so many fun options out there now! The one your boyfriend got you is great! That's so sweet!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

OOOH, my favorite is your H&M dotted headband! If you're looking for a new storage solution--check out my Hot for Headbands post from a few weeks ago!

Haus and Home said...

My favorite is a JCrew thick pink and white striped headband from like 6 years ago that fits perfect and I only wear in the summer.

Little Pink Rain Boots said...

Great collection. I love the one your BF got you from Nordstrom, it's gorgeous.

Happy Sunday,

Kimberly O. said...

I love wearing my Vineyard Vines South Carolina headband. It's light blue and pink and goes with everything.