Monday, February 28, 2011

What I wish was in my closet...Day One

The weather here has been on and off here. One day it's in the high 60s and the next it's in the 40s and 50s again. It's all just making me dream of spring. Springtime at my college campus is my favorite! During the day the lawn is filled with students sunbathing, playing guitars, throwing the frisbee, and walking their dogs. It's just such a happy time, you almost forget that you have classes! Tonight while enjoying a relaxing night in, I've succumbed to putting together spring time outfits. Now all I need is the money to pay for it all! If only I wasn't a broke college student...

This week I've put together spring outfits for each day! I hope we all forget that winter is still here, maybe if only for a few short minutes.

Alright, for whatever reason this picture doesn't want to center itself. Oh well. As for the outfit...I love this! All of the items shown are from Anthropologie, a store which I love shopping at for their vintage inspired pieces. It's not hard for me to find something classy and sophisticated there, but I always shop in their clearance section (hello after-christmas sale?). The shirt would look just adorable loosely tucked into the skirt which is elegantly tied with a beautiful bow. Don't forget the jewelry and shoes! The color of the shoes and necklace are so understated that it makes the whole outfit look so so sweet!

What do you think of this sweet, airy, and romantic outfit?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fashion Weeklong Mini Series!

I've decided to start a weeklong mini series just devoted to fashion. I hope all of you lovely readers comment and tell me what you think of the mini series. Perhaps I'll try and do it a bit more. Also, if you haven't noticed I've placed a poll on the left sidebar of this blog. Please take the time to quickly click an option (one or more!) that you'd like to see more of on this blog. I'm  trying to figure out how I want this blog to run on a weekly basis and would love to know your input! Feel free to comment here or email ( me as well!

And now I'd like to show you a few pictures that may or may not have some influence on this week's posts:



See you all back here tomorrow!

Preppy Target Finds

The dollar section is my favorite area in Target. It's the first place that I check out each time I enter the store and this visit was no exception. I picked up a few really cute finds, take a look!

 Here are the cute pens that I got! They came in packs of two for one dollar. I'm still trying to figure out which is my favorite! 

Special note about me: My dad actually makes pens. I'll get into it perhaps tomorrow in another post but they are beautiful! I'll have to make a mental note to e-mail my dad to send me pictures of his work. Unfortunately I only have two of his pens here at school.

 I also purchased this pack of eight stationary notecards for one dollar! They had a lot of really cute stationary notecards to choose from. Please, please, please check out the other notecards for yourself! They had adorable ones to "Just Say hello" and "Thank-You" cards. I chose these because I can use them for everything! The cards are a pretty navy and red/orange pattern and the envelopes are navy.
Now all I need are stamps!

And last, I purchased a pack of ten pencils for one dollar. I think the polka dot ones are my favorite, so precious! They will definitely help to brighten up my pencil pouch which is currently filled with boring yellow mechanical pencils.

What affordable finds have you stumbled across lately? 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

College Student Plea

Want to help out a starving college student? E-mail me to share your favorite recipes! I've started to accumulate a folder on my laptop filled with all the recipes I've ran across but I can always use more!

Thanks! You all are so wonderful!

Giveaway Time!

This afternoon I stumbled across a wonderful giveaway! I'm already thinking of outfits to go with the necklace featured AND what color Essie polish I'd like to purchase with the Target giftcard.

Click on the button for the site. Good luck!

10 Months

Yesterday was my boyfriend and I's ten month anniversary. Well to celebrate, we decided to escape our college town and see what we could find in the neighboring country. All I can say is that today was absolutely beautiful! We drove on old country roads, seeing nothing but beautiful farmland until eventually we came to a quaint little town.

Here are some pictures to help describe our lovely day a little better:

 Before you say anything, my boyfriend was driving the whole time while I was taking pictures. We were in love with the area we drove through it was so beautiful!

See the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background? I LOVE where I live!

This picture has an even greater view of the mountains and the surrounding farms. We ended up taking this picture on someone's driveway (oops!) they had such a wonderful view from their house!

Someone had a horse in their front yard!!! I miss when I used to take riding lessons over the summer.

Just so beautiful!

 Can you tell how beautiful it was outside!!

We found a dam!

We went into town and got homemade ice cream from a brand new little shop! I got Red amazing!

We had such a wonderful time for our ten month anniversary! I hope all of you reading this are able to take the time to go on a little adventure like we did, even if it's not for a special occasion like ours.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all the pictures! What are your plans for the weekend?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Five Question Friday


1. Can you drive a stick shift?
My boyfriend tried to teach me how last year and I didn't stall at all! Not bad for my first time. Unfortunately that was almost a year ago and I definitely would not be able to remember the steps.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?
Eggplant and oatmeal raisin cookies. My mom is always trying to get me to eat her eggplant parmesan dish but unfortunately I just can't get there...ever. As for the oatmeal raisin cookies, I absolutely adore raisins but as such a picky eater, they can't be baked and they also can't be mixed with other foods. So therefore oatmeal raisin cookies are out of the question. I know I have problems.


3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
My mom sent over Samoas in a Valentines Day care-package recently. However, my favorites are definitely the Thin Mints! Who else is upset with the raised pricing/reduction of size on Girl Scout Cookies???


4. How do you pamper yourself?
Every now and again I have to devote a girl day just for myself; I buy something that I love to eat, go shopping, and paint my nails while watching my favorite girly TV shows!

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
The  main one I unfortunately cannot share because I don't know if I want my real name online quite yet. Other than that I'll note thatI've been called Sweetea...get it(Sweetie)?

Hope you enjoyed! This was my first Five Question Friday! What's your answer to one of these questions?

It's Raining, It's Pouring...


Are you feeling the rainy day blues? I don't know how the weather is in your neck of the woods, but it has been drizzling here over the past few days. Considering that I live in a good sized college campus, rain is not usually a plus. People are running to escape the rain, umbrellas are out (and in my case, break), the college buses are crammed full, and the skies are painted gray.

So what can you do to help combat this dreary day? Have fun and bring out those cute rain boots!

From the rain boots above, I am strangely obsessed with Sperry's version of the L.L. Bean Duck boots. The color of both are just so bright and different! Oh, and don't forget about those gorgeous, printed floral ones! Much more understated, but so sweet and appealing.

Not into the bright look? How about going along the more classic route? Below are pictured some classic, toned-down rain-boots.

**Note: Duck Boots and Hunters not shown (We know what they look like!)

Plaid is always a plus (we preps know this)! The brown plaid boots on the right are by far my favorite in this section! Also, notice that the black pair in the middle looks like a regular pair of black riding boots! Love!

Don't forget your umbrella!!!

What do your favorite rain boots look like?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Buttons?

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Pink and Green Thursday

Alright, bear with me as this is my first Pink and Green Thursday! I'm linking up with a few members of the blogging community for this one. I hope you all enjoy the pictures!








If you haven't guessed it from the pictures, I am craving comfort food pretty badly today! It's just been one of those days that wears you out emotionally and physically. Fortunately I had this beautiful post to put together to help my day get a little brighter! Hope you had a bright and cheerful day :)

Let me know which picture is your favorite!

Baking Obsession

The one thing you should know about me is that I go through these phases, phases where I become practically obsessed with a certain hobby. Well this year I've been absolutely obsessed with baking cupcakes.

Here's what I mean by a cupcakes obsession:
1) When you spend way too much money on supplies at Michaels
2) When your section of the college pantry is stocked with baking supplies
3) When you spend all of Halloween weekend baking 150 cupcakes for your neighbors
4) When your purchased supplies from Michaels now occupy an entire dresser drawer
5) When your relatives now only buy you baking related presents
6) When you have a folder on your laptop devoted to recipes
7) When you go to a cupcake shop and criticize their products and decoration

Still confused about what I mean? Here are some pictures from that "cupcake drawer":

1. My Cupcake Liners
    These are my printed cupcake liners. The blue/brown ones on the left are my favorite, shortly followed by the floral ones that my mom gave me for Christmas!

    These are my mini cupcake liners! I haven't used them yet, but I think they are so quaint and adorable!

    My striped ones still in the packaging!

    Love pastel, Easter colors!
    2. Sprinkles and Dyes

    Lots of pretty sprinkles, edible pearls, and shimmer dust! The large round containers are agreat because they contain several different colors! A round container containing primary colors isn't shown.

    Food coloring! Have you seen the Wilton food coloring section they have at Michaels? I wish I could have every color! I use them mainly to color fondant :)

    3. Fondant Cutters

    Stencils are life savers for fondant.

    4. Tools

    5. Books
    The book on the right is my favorite! So many creative decorating :)

    Let me know if you have any awesome recipes that you'd love to share! I'm always looking for moist cupcake recipes, frosting and fondant recipes, and royal icing recipes for sugar cookies!

    Also if you have any questions: e-mail me, comment below, or ask me on tumblr!


    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Staple Pieces

    This year, the military jacket trend has found its way into my outfits on a repeated basis. I love having the military jacket as a new go-to staple piece in my wardrobe, combining it with other, more girly pieces. For all you preppy followers out there, military jackets don't have to be rugged and masculine pieces. Below are a few options that can help "girl-ify" the jacket!

    Outfit #1
    Military Jacket V.1

    Military Jacket V.1 by WhatMissLoves featuring costume jewelry

    I wore this outfit on Tuesday. The military jacket is made feminine with the bow detailing in the shirt and the pearls. I always wear my pearls!

    Outfit #2

    Have an oxford button-up in your closet? They pair so well with military jackets, making them appear more classy and put together.

    Outfit #3

    Military jackets also look great with skirts. I paired a floral pencil skirt with a ruffled top, and of course pearls.

    Remember that when shopping for military jacket it's extremely important to notice the shape and tailoring of the jacket. Look for one like mine that's featured that really accentuates the female body. Don't let it be shapeless!
    What are your current staple pieces?