Thursday, March 31, 2011

WhatILove today

The weather outside is pretty gross. As I'm writing this it's actually sleeting...not fun. However to make the day a little brighter, I wanted to share a few random things that I absolutely love!

1. I love my new Lilly!
This is my new Lilly skirt! I ordered it from someone off of Re-Lilly and it fits so well! The pattern is so bright and cheery and I really can't wait to wear it when it's consistently warm outside. I encourage all of you to check out the Re-Lilly group on facebook! I am always coming across really great deals for adorable things. For more praises on the facebook group, you can read about my last purchase here.

2. I love Kate Spade Twirl Perfume!
Kate Spade's Twirl perfume makes me so happy! It's such a sweet smelling fruity fragrance that's perfect for spring. I've never been into the really strong "notice-me" fragrances but this one is just the right about of sweetness!

3. I love this widget!
if you have a Mac, then you should be familiar with the many widgets that you can have on your dashboard. Let me just share my favorite one: The Tea Timer widget. Basically it's just a timer on your computer but you can set it so that it can turn off your itunes after a designated time or you can even set it to make your computer go to sleep after a designated time. This widget is perfect for me because many nights in order to fall asleep I have to play music through itunes. By setting this timer to 2 hours (or however long), the widget plays the music until time runs out. Perfect!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Target Finds

I love Target. I am so thankful that there isn't a Target located within walking distance to where I live at school because honestly I think I would be over there constantly. My favorite section there by far is their clearance section which is conveniently located right in front of the main entrance.

I took a visit to my parent's Target over the weekend and as usual I left with a few things from the clearance section. The best part about this visit was that they had $1 items on sale for 75% yes please!!!!
 First off, the two items above were 75% off!!!! The item on the left are paperclips and magnets are on the right. They're the same design of the pens that I purchased here. I think they're just too cute!

 I also purchased these adorable Easter cards that were $1 each. Since I will most likely not be able to go back home for Easter this year, I decided that I'd really enjoy writing a special note within each of these cards and sending them to some of my relatives.
 I hope all of you lovely readers are able to visit your local target and see what fun things you can find in their clearance section! I'm so sorry about the short post today, however keep checking back and don't forget to continue submitting your WhatYOULove pictures!

Monday, March 28, 2011

And You Thought There Was Nothing To Do...

I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed reading about my trip to Georgetown. After visiting Georgetown University, I realized just how lucky the students there are in being so close to everything. For many of us though, our college towns don't offer much. Mine in particular forces us to be a little creative with dates and outings with friends. Sooo for all of you out there that are looking for something to do over the weekend with someone special or maybe just your close friends, I hope you take a look at the list I've compiled and comment with any additional suggestions you have as well!

 1. Visit a historic town

My boyfriend and I love taking short road-trips to nearby towns. Our suggestion is to hop on the closest highway and exit when you see a sign for a new town. Just about every area (especially in the country) has a small downtown or historic area. We love visiting the family owned antique shops, diners, and cupcake shops! 

2. Go to a roller-skating rink
 Did you ever go to one of these when you were little? Find out if your town/nearby town has one of these. You can usually go roller skating for under $5 and check when they have disco nights (haha)
3. Go to your local farm and pick your own produce
 My family and I used to go blueberry picking every summer and it's currently on my list of must-dos with the boyfriend! Look in your local newspaper and online for deals and when the prime time is to pick.

4. Visit a winery
 My roommate was gone every Saturday this Fall to spend the day at a local winery. For all of you that live in country settings, these are everywhere!

5. Keep an eye out for local festivals
 Spring/Summer/Fall-time is prime time for local festivals! The best part about local festivals is that you can usually go there without spending money (unless there's a cover fee). They'll probably have a small rodeo, a petting farm, local homemade goods for sale, live music, and carnival rides!
6. Have a movie marathon
 Invite a group of friends, order pizza, cook a batch of cookies together and agree on a set of movies to watch.  Harry Potter, romantic comedies, scary movies, etc.

7. Go to your area's **nicest** restaurant and order the dessert
 No matter where you are, I bet you probably have that really nice restaurant or a bed and breakfast that also offers dining to the public. When my boyfriend and I want to go out and do something special but don't want to spend much, we get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant just for the dessert. The cooks usually do an incredible job with presentation and it's a lot cheaper than ordering a full course meal.
8. Go to your local ice cream stand

I cannot wait till our local ice cream stand opens for the season again. There's nothing more refreshing than having an ice cream cone outside when it's cold!

9. Go to a local craft store and decorate something together
Buy a few bottles of acrylic paint and wood/cardboard items to decorate:
  • wooden/cardboard letters (for custom monogrammed wall hangings)
  • wooden frames
  • cheap wooden chairs

10. Take a walk
Take a walk in the daytime, the afternoon, or at night (with plenty of people...take guys just in case!). Take a scenic walk on local trails or just take a walk to get ice cream or to your favorite restaurant (etc.). The point is to just go somewhere and to have the time to enjoy someone else's company! The best part about this option is that it can be completely free!

What are your favorite things to do on a date or with friends?

Do you have a question about something? Leave one here

Georgetown University: Classy Done Right

As I'm writing this post I can't help but to feel exhausted. This weekend wore me out completely and I'm really not looking forward to going back to class tomorrow. Oh well, on a positive note this weekend was so much fun! I was able to explore in all of my favorite places and do a little retail therapy.

Friday, my boyfriend and I went to Georgetown (like I mentioned in the previous post) and visited Georgetown University. Everything about the University was just amazing. The architecture was gorgeous, the students were dressed super classy, and the campus was just a short walk away from the shops. Needless to say, I felt like I was cheating on my own school by taking a visit!

I adored this stone was HUGE! Most of the following pictures are taken here:
We came upon this AMAZING classroom. What I would love to have class here! The walls were surrounded by gorgeous woodworking and even had a sweet old time chalkboard!
 For all of your readers out there, one thing you should know about me is that I absolutely adore architecture. There's just something so refined and elegant about this picture. Oh goodness I just can't stop gushing about this school...beautiful!
Can you just imagine yourself wearing your classy preppy outfit, carrying your books on your way to class? Absolutely beautiful.
For many of you that don't know, Georgetown University is actually a private Catholic University. I had no idea until a few months ago. However if you ever visit the campus, there are religious themed pictures everywhere.
Adorable little chapel located in a small courtyard. I can just imagine myself going to mass here!
Gorgeous view from one of the close to D.C.!
Another view of their amazing architecture!

I could probably write pages and pages on how beautiful Georgetown University is. It truly is such an interesting campus architecture wise and just so phenomenally classy in general. If any of you lovely readers are looking at colleges, I hope you take a look at Georgetown. It is truly one of a kind.

Have you ever made a visit to Georgetown University?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Georgetown: The Place To Be

The boyfriend and I decided that for our eleven month anniversary of dating we would make a day trip to our beloved Georgetown. Although we've been there so many times it never gets old! I hope you enjoy the pictures of our day!

We had such a great day yesterday in Georgetown. It all started as my boyfriend and I made our way along the scenic Georgetown Pike and continued until we came upon the bridge, announcing our arrival at our favorite city.
Then we parked on our "secret street". We always find *free* parking here and the best part is that I get to park in front of my favorite house! This is the house that has the wooden door I referred to yesterday. I suppose I pretend like I'm pulling into "my" driveway whenever we park there. No worries though, I'll live there one day!
We had to stop here! For anyone that is visiting Georgetown anytime soon you really need to visit this store. It is the best consignment shop I've ever been to. They sell really nice brands for super cheap prices. If anyone wears a size 4, there's a Lilly dress for $30 that should still be there. It didn't fit me :(
After scoping out Second Time Around, we passed Georgetown Cupcakes but didn't enter. Since season two of their show has started, the line was out the door. However while we were walking along a side-street we did find Georgetown Cupcake's old store that they always refer to on their show. Below: the current shop is on the left and the old shop is on the right
After seeing the crazy (but expected) long line at Georgetown Cupcakes we headed over to an even better cupcake shop: Baked and Wired. This place is delicious! Their cupcakes are in my opinion even better than Georgetown Cupcakes. If you're over there, make sure to check out the Pretty Bitchin' cupcakes, nothing short of amazing! Oh and don't you just love the bright pink bike that's located just outside of their store!?
We walked by this quaint restaurant and I made a mental note that I HAVE to go here next time. They had adorable Asian inspired seating and I can totally picture myself enjoying some afternoon green tea here with friends!
We walked by an old favorite, IceBerry. I would have stopped in if it weren't for that huge cupcake we had just had at Baked and Wired. However Ice Berry is delicious! I always order their Honeydew frozen yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and kiwi; it's always so so yummy!
I love visiting the Anthropologie store in Georgetown. It's bigger than the one I usually go to and although I don't usually buy anything, I love walking around noticing all the amazing displays. Plus, isn't their store front so adorable!? It's always so easy finding the store among the other plain faded brick buildings.
Georgetown's J.Crew is also a must see. The boyfriend and I go in here each time we visit as well.
Well that's it for the pictures. We also made our way into Georgetown's Kate Spade and Vineyard Vines store. After going into Kate Spade, I decided that I am in dire need of their perfume: Twirl. It smelled so good!!! I hope that all of you that live in Virginia take the time to visit Georgetown. It is such a beautiful town and so adorable and just plain different compared to D.C..

I'll be posting a few pictures of Georgetown University perhaps tomorrow. I hope you all have a lovely remainder of the weekend! Don't forget to send me your pictures of WhatYOULove. The submissions are slowly trickling in and they look fantastic thus far! Awesome job everyone!

**GIVEAWAY** Check out Texas Prep's blog here for more info!

**Want to see more pictures? I posted a few more of Georgetown on my tumblr here. Take a visit!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

WhatYOULove: Reminder


I know I talk a lot about what I love on this blog, hence the name but to know you all better I would love to find out what YOU love!

Here's what I'm thinking:

Send me a picture via e-mail ( of something you love and include a brief caption of what you love and why you love it so much. I'm not going to give an example or make any can be ANYTHING!

I'm going to compile them all together and post them in a large post at a later date. Not only for me to get to know you all better but for us to share more about US with one another as well :)

More Pretty Pictures...

Bored and in need of some pretty pictures to look at? Wellll I just posted a few pictures up from my trip to Georgetown on my tumblr. Go take a look here!

Stylish Blogger Award: Second Time Around

Elizabeth over at That Short Blonde Girl gave me the stylish blogger award. Her blog is so adorable and I hope you all can make a visit! Since I was awarded this award here I won't list more random facts (head on over to that previous post) but I will nominate more blogs that I absolutely adore!

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I hope all of you lovely readers can head on over to these fantastic blogs and start following! And to those that I tagged, even if you've received this award before, I hope you continue the chain :)

Here are the rules:
  • Link back and thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Award 5 recently discovered blogs.
  • Contact them and tell them about their award.

Seeing Color: The Georgetown Doors

In the past I've loved posting bright and colorful pictures of clothing that I adore, well for today's post I'd like to share a different kind of colorful that's found in Georgetown. Georgetown is my favorite place, no I don't live there (although I wish I did) but there's something about the quaint row houses and the spectacular shopping that just makes the place so very unique. When I visit Georgetown (and I visit alot), I always feel absolutely mesmerized by the area. The architecture is exquisite, the people are dressed so classy, and I can't even begin on the stores. However, there is one fantastic part about Georgetown that most people don't take the time to stop and notice...

The Georgetown Doors.

Today while visiting Georgetown with my boyfriend for our eleven month anniversary, I discovered how unique the Georgetown architecture is...namely the color rich and elegant doors. It was such a treat to see especially since where I live the Homeowner's Association definitely has rules over what color you can paint the exterior of your home. So enough of my babbling, here are a few of the beautiful doors that I photographed while walking through town:

Can we please take note of the beautiful faded brick on this house!!!

I am in love with this door! I may or may not be obsessed with all shades blue!

Not the most colorful but look at the door knocker! How elegant and unique is this!?

How could there not be a red door!? And can we also notice that amazing wrought iron railing?

Another not so colorful door but so beautiful. This door is part of my favorite house in Georgetown. I will live there someday.

Love this quaint pink door

I had to have this door be pictured last! Have any of you ever seen a purple door before!? I know I haven't. This is why I love Georgetown.

I hope the next time you all visit Georgetown or any other historical town, you can take the time to notice the beautiful unique details in the architecture that help to make the area so wonderful! 

Have you been to Georgetown before? What do you love most?