Monday, May 23, 2011

Seersucker: A Family Affair

My family isn't the preppiest out there. However, today while shopping in my parent's closet, I found this green seersucker sports coat belonging to my Dad. To say that I'm proud of him would be an understatement.  

Seeing this piece in my parent's closet brought me into a seersucker-searching kind of mood. Here are a few pieces that I wish were in my closet/other's.

Unfortunately, there are definitely not enough guys that wear seersucker where I go to school or back at home. For whichever reason, light blue seersucker anything is my favorite.

Have you checked out Lilly's collection of seersucker dresses? They are all so adorable and perfect for spring/summer weather. 

Oh seersucker bottoms and beautiful! I need to buy a pair of sunglasses so that I may finally order a pair of tugs. I'm definitely eying the pink, yellow, and green pair. Too cute! As for the bottoms, I am in love with the ruffle skirt and the patchwork shorts. I need a paycheck!!!!!!

Do you own any seersucker pieces?


Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Adore seersucker!
Hubby and I both have shirts.
I have a lovely skirt.
Nothing says summer like seersucker.

Mrs. Kindergarten

The City Boy said...

i wish more people would wear seersucker too! Its seriously one of my favorites.

I love the Lilly dress with the regatta flags on it

Cigar Heiress said...

I was in Athens, GA this weekend and found a great pair of Georgia Seersucker shorts for my boyfriend, but figured I could get them later where to be found anywhere, not even the store I was at...sad :-(

Miss Southern Prep said...

I LOVE seersucker! I have a seersucker skirt that I just love!

Caitlin C. said...

I loveee seersucker and how summery it is! Cute picks.. wish I had money to buy all of them!! haha

♡ bAs said...

<3 SEERSUCKER <3 Your images are adorable! That is funny I have my wedding wednesday post picked out an it is on seersucker also! Everyone loves a guy in seersucker ;)

Little Pink Rain Boots said...

Adore seersucker, especially shorts and dresses. I own a few dresses and quite a few tops that are seersucker, but I need to raid Lilly Pulitzer soon.

Happy Monday,

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I LOVE seersucker and need to add more pieces to my is my favorite too!

cAc said...

Love this post! You can never have too much seersucker. My man just got his first seersucker suit and wore it to my brother's wedding last weekend. Dream come true for me! I have a skirt with lobster critters on it and a pink one that sadly no longer fits me :(

Raulston said...

An exceptional addition to any wardrobe!

Sweet Caroline said...

Thanks for the comment about my comforter! I got it at Marshalls 3 years ago!