Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baking Obsession

The one thing you should know about me is that I go through these phases, phases where I become practically obsessed with a certain hobby. Well this year I've been absolutely obsessed with baking cupcakes.

Here's what I mean by a cupcakes obsession:
1) When you spend way too much money on supplies at Michaels
2) When your section of the college pantry is stocked with baking supplies
3) When you spend all of Halloween weekend baking 150 cupcakes for your neighbors
4) When your purchased supplies from Michaels now occupy an entire dresser drawer
5) When your relatives now only buy you baking related presents
6) When you have a folder on your laptop devoted to recipes
7) When you go to a cupcake shop and criticize their products and decoration

Still confused about what I mean? Here are some pictures from that "cupcake drawer":

1. My Cupcake Liners
    These are my printed cupcake liners. The blue/brown ones on the left are my favorite, shortly followed by the floral ones that my mom gave me for Christmas!

    These are my mini cupcake liners! I haven't used them yet, but I think they are so quaint and adorable!

    My striped ones still in the packaging!

    Love pastel, Easter colors!
    2. Sprinkles and Dyes

    Lots of pretty sprinkles, edible pearls, and shimmer dust! The large round containers are agreat because they contain several different colors! A round container containing primary colors isn't shown.

    Food coloring! Have you seen the Wilton food coloring section they have at Michaels? I wish I could have every color! I use them mainly to color fondant :)

    3. Fondant Cutters

    Stencils are life savers for fondant.

    4. Tools

    5. Books
    The book on the right is my favorite! So many creative decorating :)

    Let me know if you have any awesome recipes that you'd love to share! I'm always looking for moist cupcake recipes, frosting and fondant recipes, and royal icing recipes for sugar cookies!

    Also if you have any questions: e-mail me, comment below, or ask me on tumblr!


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