Monday, February 28, 2011

What I wish was in my closet...Day One

The weather here has been on and off here. One day it's in the high 60s and the next it's in the 40s and 50s again. It's all just making me dream of spring. Springtime at my college campus is my favorite! During the day the lawn is filled with students sunbathing, playing guitars, throwing the frisbee, and walking their dogs. It's just such a happy time, you almost forget that you have classes! Tonight while enjoying a relaxing night in, I've succumbed to putting together spring time outfits. Now all I need is the money to pay for it all! If only I wasn't a broke college student...

This week I've put together spring outfits for each day! I hope we all forget that winter is still here, maybe if only for a few short minutes.

Alright, for whatever reason this picture doesn't want to center itself. Oh well. As for the outfit...I love this! All of the items shown are from Anthropologie, a store which I love shopping at for their vintage inspired pieces. It's not hard for me to find something classy and sophisticated there, but I always shop in their clearance section (hello after-christmas sale?). The shirt would look just adorable loosely tucked into the skirt which is elegantly tied with a beautiful bow. Don't forget the jewelry and shoes! The color of the shoes and necklace are so understated that it makes the whole outfit look so so sweet!

What do you think of this sweet, airy, and romantic outfit?


Miss Southern Prep said...

I love that skirt! The bow is precious! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Beth Dunn said...

Lovely outfit, love the skirt!

LKO said...

That skirt is amazing - I actually saw a skirt that looks a lot like that at Forever 21. Surprising, right?

BTW, thanks for following my blog - yours is adorable.