Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Staple Pieces

This year, the military jacket trend has found its way into my outfits on a repeated basis. I love having the military jacket as a new go-to staple piece in my wardrobe, combining it with other, more girly pieces. For all you preppy followers out there, military jackets don't have to be rugged and masculine pieces. Below are a few options that can help "girl-ify" the jacket!

Outfit #1
Military Jacket V.1

Military Jacket V.1 by WhatMissLoves featuring costume jewelry

I wore this outfit on Tuesday. The military jacket is made feminine with the bow detailing in the shirt and the pearls. I always wear my pearls!

Outfit #2

Have an oxford button-up in your closet? They pair so well with military jackets, making them appear more classy and put together.

Outfit #3

Military jackets also look great with skirts. I paired a floral pencil skirt with a ruffled top, and of course pearls.

Remember that when shopping for military jacket it's extremely important to notice the shape and tailoring of the jacket. Look for one like mine that's featured that really accentuates the female body. Don't let it be shapeless!
What are your current staple pieces?

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Pearls go with EVERYTHING!!
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High Heeled Life said...

Great Blog!!! Thak you for visiting ... I'm folowing back too!! HHL

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The City Boy said...

completely agree that military can be preppy. Through one on with great riding boots and an hermes scarf and youre golden.

I havent considered a tumblr too much. I think blogger has way more features.

P.S. you should link your email address to your blogger account for easy comment replies :)

Stephanie said...

Gah! I just fell in love with this jacket and all the outfits you made with it! xD

My favorite has to be #2!! I NEED that tote! and those boat shoes! Gah!

I'm loving the new layout!

Miss Janice said...

A girl who likes clothes...just like me! I'm enjoying reading your blog:-)

Pink Maple said...

I like how you've dressed this jacket both up and down--it really shows how versatile it can be!