Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday

Alright, bear with me as this is my first Pink and Green Thursday! I'm linking up with a few members of the blogging community for this one. I hope you all enjoy the pictures!








If you haven't guessed it from the pictures, I am craving comfort food pretty badly today! It's just been one of those days that wears you out emotionally and physically. Fortunately I had this beautiful post to put together to help my day get a little brighter! Hope you had a bright and cheerful day :)

Let me know which picture is your favorite!


Miss Lindsay said...

Pink popcorn!! Love it.

Splenderosa said...

You are adorable! Absolutely adorable, and thank you for visiting me today. I'll follow you cause I love adorable, precious ladybugs. xx's Marsha

PS someone just commented they hated my music, so I'm really happy you commented you liked it!!

Miranda said...

So I grabbed your blog button - you can grab the code off mine from my website. Thanks for following and I definitely love the cookie picture!!! So Yummy!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Well I would say for your first (best day of the week) Pink and Green Thursday you did a fabulous job! I love the candy buffet shot, but those pink <3 sprinkle cookies are way yummy lookin' too! Your blog is soooooooooo cute! I am a follower now! Keep up the great upbeat PREPPY posts.

Mrs. Kindergarten

Only Prettier said...

oh my pink popcorn....too it!

Anonymous said...

So many pretty sweets! I'm following you now and I know you asked to swap buttons, but unfortunately R&C doesn't have one. Hope to see you around as a P&G Thursday regular!

x M.

melifaif said...

Yummy! Delicious post....I think the last one takes the cake! Ha...couldn't resist!

Girl with the Curlz said...

Such cute picks!! Anything pink and green is fabulous. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I grabbed one of your buttons and became a new follower. I don't have a button but hope you will become a new follower of mine too. Have a great weekend.