Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lilly And Madras...Oh My!

Madras and Lilly

I have no idea how I stumbled across these adorable gym shorts last night but I just had to share asap! They're all made by a Lacrosse company and unfortunately the madras are printed with the logo (I don''t know if the Lilly are) but I thought they were all just perfect for any prep's closet! btw I'm sorry for all you male readers, they unfortunately didn't have such a preptastic selection for you. However you can go to the company's website here!

Which are your favorite? I can't decide.  

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Hannah said...

OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THESE. Like literally....I'm in love.

Thank you so much for posting this!!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Oh my STARS!
These would be PERFECTION for my daily beach walks! Thank you, thank you for the post!

Mrs. Kindergarten

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

They all look great!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for checking out and following my blog - I am following yours now as well. Love, love, love these gym shorts - especially the Lilly ones!

cAc said...

Omg these are soooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

A.D. said...

Those are AMAZING!!!

Sweet Caroline said...

I have a navy madras pair looove them! And I had a yellow lilly pair but they were so see through I tossed them :(

MOM OF 2 said...

I was just in a store called Mincer's which is in VA (Charlottesville to be exact...home of UVa) and saw these with UVa on them. I almost died. They had some with ribbons and flamingos. CUTE