Sunday, April 10, 2011

Warm Weather Musings

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful!Hopefully you all will be experiencing this gorgeous weather as well. I know that I"m looking forward to wearing one of my skirts and dresses! Unsure of what you're going to wear tomorrow? Here are a few suggestions:

If you're looking for a comfy but super casual look then try simply pairing a bright scarf with a plain white T and shorts. Scarfs are fantastic for adding a little bit of spring to your wardrobe! This look would be great if you wanted to relax on the lawn with friends!

Want a look that's a little classier but equally comfy? Try adding pieces that shout nautical into your look. They scream spring/warm weather!  I LOVE this shirt from Brooks Brothers. I decided to transform this whole look into something nautical...from the headband to the shoes.

Finally, a look that's completely classy and lady-like. I'm thinking of going this route for tomorrow. I just cannot say no to going all out and dressing up!

What are you planning on wearing tomorrow?

P.S. Carly at College Prepster is having a giveaway here! Enter for a chance to win a pair of Zoubaby monogrammed rainboots! Too cute :)

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Hannah said...

All of these outfits are too cute!! It's still absolutely freezing here in CT so I have a hard time trying to find ways to sport my Lilly Shifts!!

Lilly @ HausandHome said...

I love the striped Kate Spade flats.
I too am enjoying this lovely warm weather!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Coolin' down a bit tomorrow! :(
So I shall don khakis, Lilly blouse, Sperrys, LV Speedy, pearls and my perfume will be Wink by Lilly! A comfy but Spring~like outfit for the Kinder classroom.

Mrs. Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

I love those precious anchor shorts! And the casual outfit is cute too -- I love just throwing on a ball cap and not worrying about getting all fixed up. I wore Lilly shifts, Jacks, and pearls this weekend since it was so warm and it was incredible! I LOVE warm weather! :)

LCR said...

super cute outfits... love the white top, shorts, and scarf- i have to remember I don't have to put my scarves away just because winter is over:)

little miss southern love. said...

I LOVE these outfit combinations! And I already have most of the pieces so they will be easy to put together. Thanks for the ideas.


Fashion Meets Food said...

Great outfit combination! I am loving the last one. Looks like I need to go out shopping!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

love the scarf in the top pic and of course, the lilly dress!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

oh and today, i'm going simple! i'm wearing the new vv navy skirt with the new hot pink vneck tucked in. i am wearing my engraved silver cuff and silver ball earrings, and my sam edelman silver t-strap sandals!