Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rue La La....Ohh La La

The Rue La La Lilly Pulitzer sale was the most stressful thing I've ever been apart of. I had never taken part in any of the sales before so as this as my first...well I'm glad I didn't leave with a heart attack. Overall I was pretty successful, even though I missed out on a really great dress:

I'm just going to blame myself on that. However, I did score on a few looks:

I really loved this pink and green striped dress. Right now my closet is stocked full with navy colors and I definitely feel like I need this little pop of pink and green fun!

I've never tried this dress on so we will have to see how it fits once it arrives in the mail. However I love the bright and spring worthy colors!

I also purchased this hobo bag. As many of you from my previous post here, I am not a huge bag person and only have what I absolutely need as a college student. I decided to add this bright bag to brighten up all of my outfits! I'm thinking my new favorite add-on to a plain white t-shirt?

While I was taking part in the Lilly sale, I did make note of a few things to remember for next time:
  1. Things go super fast during Lilly sales. As in 5-10 minutes fast. Make sure you're at the site exactly at 11am!
  2. Make sure you set up your account and add your credit card information before the sale starts
  3. Make use of the buy it now button. If you have something in your cart, that doesn't mean it's yours and you won't lose it!!!
  4. You only pay for shipping once. That way you can hit the buy it now button multiple times and not have to worry about separate shipping amounts for each purchase
  5. Get what you want the most first! Go in with a plan!
  6. Be aware of how much money you're spending and how much you're allowed to spend. It can sneak up on you sooooo easily!
Did any of you take part in the Rue La La sale?


Sundresses and Smiles said...

good tips! i completely forgot about the sale until i was in class today and got the email..i really wanted the gold mckims, but since i didn't have my wallet with me i couldn't order them (note to self- memorize card number..)

Elizabeth said...

Great finds! Somehow I am not a member of Rue La La. I got an invitation once upon a time but never signed up with it. From your post, I'm thinking maybe I need to go searching through my email for that! Haha

kate said...

I purchased the 'kendall' dress and the pink & white print nightshirt (using it as a bathing suit cover up!) Being prepared for the Rue La La boutiques is definitely important-I had my credit card pre-loaded, opened the page at 11:00am, used the 'quick buy it' feature, and still wasn't able to purchase all of the items I wanted! Can't wait for my two items to arrive...that is the hard part!:)

Little Pink Rain Boots said...

Oh great buys, I don't have the discipline to try one of these sales out, I wish I did though lol.


Carroll said...

Great tips! So glad you found some cute Lilly finds. :)