Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Wardrobe: Bag Edition

For many of you this is probably going to be the most boring wardrobe post of the week. I decided that I was gong to post JUST what I had in my closet. As you can see I love tote bags. Since I'm at school, they serve so many uses!

1. L.L. Bean tote bags are so cheap and so cute! Extra points when they're monogrammed.

2. Vineyard Vines Bags. I have the Crab tote and I use it so often! They're a little more dressy than the L.L. Bean tote bag. I don't mind carrying these anywhere as opposed to L.L. Bean which I would only use for school.

3. My nautical inspired bag patches so much in my closet. I feel like everyone should have a nautical inspired bag as it is the epitome of preppy and perfect for both spring and summer.

4. Vera Bradley wristlets have been in my closet since I started college. They are such a huge fad on my college campus and for good reason. I am able to fit all of my necessary items in it and its such an easy item to grab when I'm in a hurry to leave.

What are your go-to bags?


ShortBlonde said...

You've been mentioned in my most recent post! :)

P.S.-I really want that VV bag.

Maddie said...

Thanks for the comments! I have a great big Lands End tote, pretty cheap and looks kind of like the L.L. Bean but with violet instead of red. I had it embroidered with my sorority's crest. I also love the vineyard vines. Thanks for the follow, I am really enjoying your posts and will follow too!