Friday, March 18, 2011

Preppy Shoes...But What To Do

Okay so my feet are two different sizes. As in they're a half size different in length.


For so long I couldn't dream of wearing flats unless I wanted to spend extra money and buy two boxes of shoes. 


So what did I do when I added these light brown Sperry boat shoes to my collection??
My new pretties next to an older pair <3

I decided that they were much too cute to pass up and much too expensive to buy double of.  Instead, I decided to try stretching them!

If you haven't stretched a shoe before it's very simple and works the best on leather shoes and other natural materials. I was able to purchase my shoe stretcher at my local shoe store along with stretching liquid that helps the process to move along faster. 

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of the shoe stretch liquid to the area of the shoe you want to stretch

Step 2: Take your shoe stretcher and insert the plastic knobs into the holes if you need a certain area of the shoe to have more room than others
note: I should have purchased a "Two-Way Stretcher" which stretches your shoe both lengthwise and widthwise. The one above only stretches the shoe widthwise

Step 3: Insert the shoe stretcher into your shoe and turn the handle. Be careful not to turn the handle too many turns because you don't want to over-stretch your shoe!

Step 4: After letting them stretch for a while (I leave mine overnight) try them on!!!

I found that using a shoe stretcher was so easy! Although I may go back to get the Two-Way Stretcher, I can definitely notice much more room in the area surrounding my toes!

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DSS said...

I have never heard of a shoe stretcher, but what a clever idea!! I think my feet are about the same size, BUT...I wear a 9 and often find shoes in 8.5 only. I worry they will be too tigh. Hmmm.....I need to look into this shoe stretcher! Thanks for the tip :)