Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seeing Color: The Georgetown Doors

In the past I've loved posting bright and colorful pictures of clothing that I adore, well for today's post I'd like to share a different kind of colorful that's found in Georgetown. Georgetown is my favorite place, no I don't live there (although I wish I did) but there's something about the quaint row houses and the spectacular shopping that just makes the place so very unique. When I visit Georgetown (and I visit alot), I always feel absolutely mesmerized by the area. The architecture is exquisite, the people are dressed so classy, and I can't even begin on the stores. However, there is one fantastic part about Georgetown that most people don't take the time to stop and notice...

The Georgetown Doors.

Today while visiting Georgetown with my boyfriend for our eleven month anniversary, I discovered how unique the Georgetown architecture is...namely the color rich and elegant doors. It was such a treat to see especially since where I live the Homeowner's Association definitely has rules over what color you can paint the exterior of your home. So enough of my babbling, here are a few of the beautiful doors that I photographed while walking through town:

Can we please take note of the beautiful faded brick on this house!!!

I am in love with this door! I may or may not be obsessed with all shades blue!

Not the most colorful but look at the door knocker! How elegant and unique is this!?

How could there not be a red door!? And can we also notice that amazing wrought iron railing?

Another not so colorful door but so beautiful. This door is part of my favorite house in Georgetown. I will live there someday.

Love this quaint pink door

I had to have this door be pictured last! Have any of you ever seen a purple door before!? I know I haven't. This is why I love Georgetown.

I hope the next time you all visit Georgetown or any other historical town, you can take the time to notice the beautiful unique details in the architecture that help to make the area so wonderful! 

Have you been to Georgetown before? What do you love most?


Beth Dunn said...

Great doors! I love the fox door knocker.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Georgetown! I was actually just there last week touring Georgetown University. It's the most adorable little town!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i've been planning to do a post on doors at some point-- good minds must think alike!! we have a very similar fox door knocker like that at my house!

and i've always wanted to go to georgetown (it's my plan for the next time i visit my friend in arlington)

Mandy said...

I wish I could paint my door, ugh the HOA would kill me!