Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chino Shorts...Oh the Possibilities!

I don't know about you but so often I find myself saying that I don't have anything to wear. I often forget to mix and match what I already have and instead I settle on wearing the same outfit over and over. Well with the warm weather lately, I wanted to do a few outfits based around J.Crew's 3" Chino Shorts, specifically their navy pair.

I need more white shirts! They are such a fantastic staple piece as they go with anything! Crew-necks, Scoop-necks,! Pair with a statement necklace to pull the look together and you're good to go!

I don't usually wear sweatshirts unless I'm just going to a study-sesh at the library or if I'm lounging in my room. However if you're going to the library, there's no need not to look cute! Pair the chino shorts with a comfy sweatshirt, a preppy headband, and those oh-so-smart looking glasses.

Want the typical preppy look? Find a slim-fit oxford that isn't too long. You want to be able to either tuck them into the shorts or have the length be short enough where you can still see a good amount of the shorts. Don't forget to bring the Sperrys, headband, and pearls into the mix as well!
Many stores have been stuck into selling a lot of earth tones: greys, greens, and browns. Now although these colors can be beautiful, sometimes you just need a little color to lighten the mood! What better to lighten that mood than something bright pink and for the brave...a sparkle belt!

How do you wear your chino shorts?


Sundresses and Smiles said...

fun post! i have those shorts-- i love the top jack rogers outfit! thanks for following my blog!

Beth Dunn said...

Love them. I want navy too. I love wearing sweaters with shorts

Portuguese Prepster said...

Just started following! Love this post-the outfits are perfect and what I wear all the time!