Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Wardrobe: Shoe Edition

I will admit that I am definitely not a shoe person. While some girls have boxes and boxes of shoes filled to the brim, I have a few pairs that I meet all of my needs.

1. Sperrys are my polished looking shoes. They're definitely a great piece that go from my winter wardrobe to the spring.

2. Metallic sandals emphasize your tan (or for me make me look like I have a tan). They match with practically anything!

3. Black sandals are a must but make sure they aren't just your standard Old Navy Flip Flops. I wear mine ALOT so they have to hold up. I suggest the Jack Rogers style or a fun design like the ones above.

4. Colorful sandals are good ONLY if you have a lot of outfits that can work with it. These pink ones would go with many of my outfits!

5. White sandals are unfortunately left out of the picture, but they are also great staple pieces.

6. Last, rain boots are unfortunately needed during the springtime. Luckily they come in so many cute styles!

What are your go-to shoes?

P.S. Be sure you check out the post below! Make sure you send me your picture and caption...I can't wait to see what you all love


Elizabeth said...

I love my rainboots! They make the dreary days so much brighter.

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Anonymous said...

When it's warm, I'm pretty much always wearing my Jack Roger's! Love, love, love!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

Love it! We agree on Sperry's and Hunter's being absolute staples!

ShortBlonde said...

I absolutely love your blog! My favorite summer shoes are my Jack Rogers (cliche but too true), and during the winter, I live in my pair of comfy suede black Ralph Lauren boots.

I'm still on the hunt for a pair of rain boots that I absolutely love...