Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prep Loves Emma Loves Milly Loves Nautical Wear

Crazy title I know. I just watched yesterday's Glee episode online and fell in love with one of the many outfits that Emma was shown wearing. Now as we all know, or should know, I am in love with nautical themed clothing. I love the color scheme, the idea of summer, everything! Well for one of Emma's outfits which I unfortunately cannot find a picture of, she was featured wearing this beautiful cardigan:

Buttoned up and paired with a white bow tied blouse and a bright blue pencil skirt, Emma looked absolutely preppy beautiful!

Now I recognized the cardigan as one of Milly's because I've been looking at the following blouse and tote for a bit!

As you can see it's the same print as the cardigan but it has a much lighter looking fabric. This would look adorable during the spring months, paired with white bermudas or a white skirt accented with a large bow in the front!

I just love this bag! I just need to keep reminding myself that I definitely do not have room in my bank account for this tote :/

Do you watch Glee? Don't you just want to own Emma's closet??

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LKO said...

I love her clothes! And the character is adorable as well.