Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I wish was in my closet...Day Three

It's day three and if you don't know this already then listen up! I LOVE nautical inspired pieces, absolutely love them! The color navy is one of my favorites and it just reminds me of the summer and all the wonderful vacations I've been on with my family. Today's outfit features a nautical inspired look with an unexpected twist; you'll see what I mean below!

Again I love the shirt in this outfit. The way it ties into a knot in the front creates a slimming effect as it accentuates and draws attention to your waist. Next up are the shoes from Vineyard Vines. If people don't understand that you're going for the nautical look then I don't know what else to say! At first glance these flip flops are like any other pair but with the anchor charms they become so darling! Finishing off the look? The bag of course! I spotted this tote on J. Crew and just couldn't resist! The yellow square provides such a strong contrast against the navy, a combination that you don't normally see. Don't forget to wear your pearls!

What was your favorite piece from this post?

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KtMary said...

Love the entire outfit! I'm all about the nautical theme!