Wednesday, March 16, 2011

About A Boy


I know! I know! I haven't spoken much about the boyfriend lately, next Friday will be our 11 month anniversary! YAY! I am so excited yet also extremely surprised at how fast the time has gone since we first decided to go from best friends to a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Needless to say, he is EVERYTHING and more to me. I love him and even when he drives me absolutely insane I still know how much he means to me.

However! Please note that this boy definitely doesn't dress preppy at all.
Ehhh not when he does incredibly sweet things like this:

All year the only shoes he's ever worn are these yucky discolored white tennis shoes. You have no idea how much I hate these shoes! Well whenever we go into any stores, I always say how he should buy a pair of Sperrys to replace his current situation. Of course he always refuses, saying that he will (tear*) never own a pair of Sperrys. 

Well today he decided to surprise me after a rough day. He said he had a surprise for me and brought up a bag from Payless, inside was a pair of inexpensive Sperry inspired boat shoes. Honestly I could care less what shoes he wears but buying this pair with me in mind was such an absolute adorable gesture! 

Definitely a positive note to end my day :)

P.S. On Friday there will be a post up about more Sperry love!!!

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