Friday, March 18, 2011

My not so smart ideas...

To say that I'm tired is a major understatement. Because I am absolutely brilliant (*joking) I decided to walk to the bank to deposit a few checks since I didn't want to wait an hour for the bus to come. Well that walk ended up being a two mile long hike. When I finally reached the bank I was sore, sweaty, smelly, and my hair was everywhere! I looked as though I had just survived some awful incident. After doing my business in the bank I was so excited about being able to catch the bus. I had looked at the bus schedule and it was supposed to come any second. Did it come? Yes. Did it stop? No! It went right by the bus stop!!!!!! If only all of your lovely readers could have seen my face, absolutely priceless. I immediately called one of my good friends on the verge of tears, begging her to come pick me up. Thank goodness she was there in just a few short minutes!

So with that, I hope that your Friday is relaxing and that you are enjoying this beautiful weather!  Hopefully you're having a better day than myself!! Oh well, it can only go up!

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Epiphaneer said...

The same thing happened to me right before my Philosophy final in December! My house is 2 miles away from the nearest bus stop- a major line, by the way- and it just didn't stop! I waited an hour for the next one and *miraculously* made it to class 2 minutes before the door was closed for testing.