Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Target Finds

I love Target. I am so thankful that there isn't a Target located within walking distance to where I live at school because honestly I think I would be over there constantly. My favorite section there by far is their clearance section which is conveniently located right in front of the main entrance.

I took a visit to my parent's Target over the weekend and as usual I left with a few things from the clearance section. The best part about this visit was that they had $1 items on sale for 75% off....um yes please!!!!
 First off, the two items above were 75% off!!!! The item on the left are paperclips and magnets are on the right. They're the same design of the pens that I purchased here. I think they're just too cute!

 I also purchased these adorable Easter cards that were $1 each. Since I will most likely not be able to go back home for Easter this year, I decided that I'd really enjoy writing a special note within each of these cards and sending them to some of my relatives.
 I hope all of you lovely readers are able to visit your local target and see what fun things you can find in their clearance section! I'm so sorry about the short post today, however keep checking back and don't forget to continue submitting your WhatYOULove pictures!


Miss Lindsay said...

LOVEEE TARGET! Was just there tonight to pick up the new Britney album...and of course immediately sidetracked with the $1 bins when I walked in the door. Cute cards!! Another trip is in order.

Claire said...

LOVE Targ! Sometimes I have to stop myself from going because I just buy things to buy them. It's like an illness! I'm getting to my "what I love" today hopefully!

High Heeled Life said...

These are great !! love the paper clip/magnet .. HHL

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i love target!! or targé as we like to call it!

According To Erica said...

GIRL, I love your cute little blog! And I am pretty much obsessed with Target. :)

Carroll said...

I totally agree! Target is so much fun!! :)