Sunday, March 27, 2011

Georgetown: The Place To Be

The boyfriend and I decided that for our eleven month anniversary of dating we would make a day trip to our beloved Georgetown. Although we've been there so many times it never gets old! I hope you enjoy the pictures of our day!

We had such a great day yesterday in Georgetown. It all started as my boyfriend and I made our way along the scenic Georgetown Pike and continued until we came upon the bridge, announcing our arrival at our favorite city.
Then we parked on our "secret street". We always find *free* parking here and the best part is that I get to park in front of my favorite house! This is the house that has the wooden door I referred to yesterday. I suppose I pretend like I'm pulling into "my" driveway whenever we park there. No worries though, I'll live there one day!
We had to stop here! For anyone that is visiting Georgetown anytime soon you really need to visit this store. It is the best consignment shop I've ever been to. They sell really nice brands for super cheap prices. If anyone wears a size 4, there's a Lilly dress for $30 that should still be there. It didn't fit me :(
After scoping out Second Time Around, we passed Georgetown Cupcakes but didn't enter. Since season two of their show has started, the line was out the door. However while we were walking along a side-street we did find Georgetown Cupcake's old store that they always refer to on their show. Below: the current shop is on the left and the old shop is on the right
After seeing the crazy (but expected) long line at Georgetown Cupcakes we headed over to an even better cupcake shop: Baked and Wired. This place is delicious! Their cupcakes are in my opinion even better than Georgetown Cupcakes. If you're over there, make sure to check out the Pretty Bitchin' cupcakes, nothing short of amazing! Oh and don't you just love the bright pink bike that's located just outside of their store!?
We walked by this quaint restaurant and I made a mental note that I HAVE to go here next time. They had adorable Asian inspired seating and I can totally picture myself enjoying some afternoon green tea here with friends!
We walked by an old favorite, IceBerry. I would have stopped in if it weren't for that huge cupcake we had just had at Baked and Wired. However Ice Berry is delicious! I always order their Honeydew frozen yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and kiwi; it's always so so yummy!
I love visiting the Anthropologie store in Georgetown. It's bigger than the one I usually go to and although I don't usually buy anything, I love walking around noticing all the amazing displays. Plus, isn't their store front so adorable!? It's always so easy finding the store among the other plain faded brick buildings.
Georgetown's J.Crew is also a must see. The boyfriend and I go in here each time we visit as well.
Well that's it for the pictures. We also made our way into Georgetown's Kate Spade and Vineyard Vines store. After going into Kate Spade, I decided that I am in dire need of their perfume: Twirl. It smelled so good!!! I hope that all of you that live in Virginia take the time to visit Georgetown. It is such a beautiful town and so adorable and just plain different compared to D.C..

I'll be posting a few pictures of Georgetown University perhaps tomorrow. I hope you all have a lovely remainder of the weekend! Don't forget to send me your pictures of WhatYOULove. The submissions are slowly trickling in and they look fantastic thus far! Awesome job everyone!

**GIVEAWAY** Check out Texas Prep's blog here for more info!

**Want to see more pictures? I posted a few more of Georgetown on my tumblr here. Take a visit!


James said...

Great images, love your upbeat style.

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Your blog is becoming one of my faves! The daytrip looks FANTABULOS! I am lovin' all your great photos.

Mrs. Kindergarten

kileen said...

Georgetown looks like so much fun!! love all the wonderful pictures. enjoy your time down there!

cute & little

dreaming in pink and green said...

Love this post on Gtown, I can't wait to go!

Only Prettier said...

Love this post! Such a cute blog!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i am liking the new look!! georgetown is a definite stop next time i'm up that way!

living well said...

I've never been to Georgetown, but it's definitely on my to-do list! It sounds like you visited some great places!!

Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

Love your little tour of Georgetown. Definitely makes me want to visit! Your blog is so fun! Thanks for following mine!