Friday, March 4, 2011

Long Day...

Today has been the longest day ever. I ATTEMPTED to make homemade pizza and as usual it was a huge flop. I made the dough TWICE and each time it refused to rise. I think it may be the yeast...if it's gluten free yeast will it affect the dough at all? I'm going to try again tomorrow and if still isn't working I'll make poppy seed glazed ham and cheese sandwiches. Oh well, not sure what to do with the massive amount of pepperoni and Havarti cheese if the pizza doesn't work out. Cross your fingers!

On a positive note, today was my free day so I had a lot of time to get ready!

I wore the above outfit with my hair all curled and pretty! Finally! I love having time to breathe and do things for me now and then!

Have a great weekend!

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