Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Wardrobe: Bottom Edition

I'm slowly going through my room at college. Trying to weed out the winter clothes and pull out the spring wardrobe. Over the next few days, I decided to focus on spring items that I like to keep in my closet; today being bottoms.

1. A white skirt goes with EVERYTHING! You can find this style in any store, but the Vineyard Vines store's skirt looks perfect!

2. First off, I love light blue skirts for the spring. Second, a skirt tied with a bow is a must. Definitely girly chic.

3. A Patterned skirt may not be the most versatile but they add a fun, colorful look to your wardrobe.

4. No matter what, I always keep my jeans in my drawer, even during the summertime. They are my go-to piece if I'm ever unsure what bottoms to wear.

5. J. Crew Chino 3" Shorts are amazing. I love how many colors they have! I definitely have to have a navy, khaki, and a bright colorful one.

6. Nike Tempo Shorts are great because they're available in so many different colors. These are on my wish list right now!

What are your spring go-to "bottoms"?


Wesley said...
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The City Boy said...

i was so excited to clean out my room of all heavy winter clothes/coats before spring break figuring when i returned it would be warm....such a bad mistake!

i really want to break out my seersucker shorts though :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

yes, i like! the nike shorts are great!! i live in them while babysitting in the summer. and here at uva, people either dress up for class or wear workout clothes, so on the days i'm not feeling so motivated to get out of bed i pull on my nike shorts and am fashionable, hehe! check out tomorrow's post for the link to your award!

Sweet Caroline said...

NORTS! all day everyday (: