Monday, March 28, 2011

And You Thought There Was Nothing To Do...

I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed reading about my trip to Georgetown. After visiting Georgetown University, I realized just how lucky the students there are in being so close to everything. For many of us though, our college towns don't offer much. Mine in particular forces us to be a little creative with dates and outings with friends. Sooo for all of you out there that are looking for something to do over the weekend with someone special or maybe just your close friends, I hope you take a look at the list I've compiled and comment with any additional suggestions you have as well!

 1. Visit a historic town

My boyfriend and I love taking short road-trips to nearby towns. Our suggestion is to hop on the closest highway and exit when you see a sign for a new town. Just about every area (especially in the country) has a small downtown or historic area. We love visiting the family owned antique shops, diners, and cupcake shops! 

2. Go to a roller-skating rink
 Did you ever go to one of these when you were little? Find out if your town/nearby town has one of these. You can usually go roller skating for under $5 and check when they have disco nights (haha)
3. Go to your local farm and pick your own produce
 My family and I used to go blueberry picking every summer and it's currently on my list of must-dos with the boyfriend! Look in your local newspaper and online for deals and when the prime time is to pick.

4. Visit a winery
 My roommate was gone every Saturday this Fall to spend the day at a local winery. For all of you that live in country settings, these are everywhere!

5. Keep an eye out for local festivals
 Spring/Summer/Fall-time is prime time for local festivals! The best part about local festivals is that you can usually go there without spending money (unless there's a cover fee). They'll probably have a small rodeo, a petting farm, local homemade goods for sale, live music, and carnival rides!
6. Have a movie marathon
 Invite a group of friends, order pizza, cook a batch of cookies together and agree on a set of movies to watch.  Harry Potter, romantic comedies, scary movies, etc.

7. Go to your area's **nicest** restaurant and order the dessert
 No matter where you are, I bet you probably have that really nice restaurant or a bed and breakfast that also offers dining to the public. When my boyfriend and I want to go out and do something special but don't want to spend much, we get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant just for the dessert. The cooks usually do an incredible job with presentation and it's a lot cheaper than ordering a full course meal.
8. Go to your local ice cream stand

I cannot wait till our local ice cream stand opens for the season again. There's nothing more refreshing than having an ice cream cone outside when it's cold!

9. Go to a local craft store and decorate something together
Buy a few bottles of acrylic paint and wood/cardboard items to decorate:
  • wooden/cardboard letters (for custom monogrammed wall hangings)
  • wooden frames
  • cheap wooden chairs

10. Take a walk
Take a walk in the daytime, the afternoon, or at night (with plenty of people...take guys just in case!). Take a scenic walk on local trails or just take a walk to get ice cream or to your favorite restaurant (etc.). The point is to just go somewhere and to have the time to enjoy someone else's company! The best part about this option is that it can be completely free!

What are your favorite things to do on a date or with friends?

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kelseaf said...

Love all these ideas! Perfect for all small town colleges, gotta love 'em!

mFw said...

Just saw your comment from the pink prep about the tunic! I'm an 8/medium in pretty much everything. So I ordered a Medium in that too! Its a cute fit! Its a little loser but will look cute with cropped pants and it could be long enough for a dress.

Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

Fun ideas that work for everyone!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

great of my favorites of yours so far!